It means skinny or thin male.

Utilized in a good sence not in a mocking way, but as a nickname to a friend, relative, or boyfriend.
Mom- Where my handsome "flaco"?
by FritosConQueso March 5, 2016
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One who is to close to retirement to tell tesoro to "fuck off!".
Flaco is'nt going to give tesoro the chance to make him a shithead!(see"shithead")
by Coastworm October 17, 2003
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A much much much kewliezer blue bird guy in smash bros who's like the best and killxorz people with his laser and is like "Flaco here, I'm fine" in Lylat Wars and he is SO DAMN KEWL!
OMG pwnage to teh MAXorZ!!! Hidden spike the Flaco to teh MAXORZ!!!
by Alex McIver January 27, 2004
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hey you FLACO you better eat somethin'
by linda October 26, 2003
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noun. someone who is TOO skinny from drugs; a clucker, crackhead, or one who bangs tar. usually derogatory. even if they're not using
dude better eat, you look like a flaco
by jiz May 16, 2005
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works at mcdonalds making fries, gets no bitches whatsoever and seems like an eboy
flaco: hey guys im back from work
by uwu1223 October 5, 2020
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Light tone skinned musician from Orlando Florida, who laughs in all of songs. Or what every light skinned boy is known for
Look at flaco Prince all handsome and shit, I want him
by JamesLonDon122 May 25, 2019
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