5 definitions by jiz

noun. slang for SUCKER. like a dude whos wife is cheating on him, he knows it and doesnt do anything about it.
i cant believe fucking kevin, man. he still with that bitch jazmine after she slept with geoff... hes a fucking huey.
by jiz June 4, 2005
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Massive crack hit, one that blows the top of your head off, making you stuck.
Yo, got a domer for me? I'm jones'n
by jiz November 16, 2004
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noun. someone who is TOO skinny from drugs; a clucker, crackhead, or one who bangs tar. usually derogatory. even if they're not using
dude better eat, you look like a flaco
by jiz May 16, 2005
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A desease that has infected a lotta people in Africa, former known as a gay-desease. Killing, for sure.
- What's the most known uncureable desease?
by jiz February 24, 2005
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So high on crack or meth, thet you can't think or speak.
That domer got me so high, I wuz stuck. I couldn't say nuttin to dat hottie
by jiz November 16, 2004
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