2. A drug-addicted person, most likely hooked on crack-cocaine. A crackhead.
That clucker ran off with her money like a bat out of hell.
by Tyson April 2, 2003
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Is a person with a drug problem that trades stolen or his/her personal things for drugs.
Hey clucker, how much dope did u get for laptop?
by Rockodog May 26, 2006
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A drug addicted female who hangs around drug users looking for a free hand out. One who scrapes the carpet looking for any rocks or crystals that someone might have dropped.
That stupid clucker is always hanging around acting nice waiting for someone to offer her a hit.

Look at that clucker on all 4's with head down to the carpet looking for dope scraps. She's clucking away.
by Beezy April 1, 2005
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A individual or individuals under the influence of copious amounts of drugs, usually of the amphetamine sort(meth), soo much so that they start clucking it up. Bawking as if they were raised on a chicken farm. The individual is so spagacked that he/she starts talking in cock-mumble which may mimic the sound of a chicken cluck
Aye bill check out that spun out basket case over there just straight cluckered. Straight bawkin around like it was a chicken coop in dis bitch
by krisTolmeth April 7, 2015
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a dopefien
im fin ta sting this clucker
by Dirty-G October 6, 2003
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One who is always out of place in his surroundings. A person who stands out and can't blend in with the croud, a goof.
Look at that clucker, he doesn't know what to do. (refers to Leneker)
by Kenyon January 1, 2005
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see chicken, a female who sucks a lot of dick, mimicking the bobbing action of a chicken.
"so many cluckers, ought to start a farm"
by D peezy March 11, 2003
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