Dude Bestfriend who smash the same girl. Like bang bros
I not going to get f*cked over cause we smash bros.
by DaisyJ July 9, 2014
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1. Sexual intercourse between two men, especially on a casual or hookup basis.

2. The act of playing Super Smash Brothers.
1. Tonight I'm smashing bros I found cruising on grindr.

2. Can't text; smashing bros.
by shinynarwhal December 28, 2016
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A bro you smash on a regular basis.

Synonym for "Friends With Benefits"
(Shoutout to Karoline for explaining it to me)
Person1: "Hey man wanna be Smash Bros?"
Person2: "Hell yeah, I'd love to be!"
*They became the best of Smash Bros"
by Virtually Lucid December 30, 2022
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The most traumatizing type of rape
Yo ma niggas Tommy and Cameron are playing smash bros wanna rape with us?
by v.rose August 20, 2019
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When two brothers related by blood have sex with the same girl.
Bro 1: "Hey, did you fuck my ex Emily?"
Bro 2: "Yea, what about it?"
Bro 1: "That means we're Smash Bros now."
by Dr.Klyp January 5, 2020
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