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Flabulous is used to describe a fat or flabbygay man who describes himself as fabulous or is of high social standing.
"Elton John is just so flabulous!"
"I know! When he performed with Eminem at the Grammys it took him to a whole new level of flabulous!"
by turtlecream98 April 10, 2015
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Someone who is fabulous and fat. IE Too much sexy for just one mundane word. Coined by Marilyn Wann, Author of amazing book Fat!So? Amazing Pro-fat phrase
Person 1- How does this look on me?
looks good
Person 2- Darling, It looks flabulous!
by Tony Sorrentino October 17, 2007
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When someone is fabulous but is also somewhat overweight.
Jake: "Hey, he's kinda fat..."
David: "Bitch, he's flabulous!"
by ThatOneZook May 17, 2016
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So excessively fabulous that it's a little overweight in fabulousness.

"ZOMG my lolcat just had fifteen kittehs!"

"ZOMG that's flabulous!!"
by RedSonya March 23, 2009
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