Hit-man or mafia soldier. Button men usually do the dirty work/muscle work for their mob bosses.

For numerous reasons, button men have very limited direct contact with the mob bosses/family heads- there are usually buffers between the button men and their bosses.
I'm a button man...When the boss says to push a button on a guy, I push a button...
by Carson Pumper June 7, 2006
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n., a low-ranking member of an organized crime syndicate
The Don's territory is patrolled by hundreds of armed button men.
by TaintedMustard December 2, 2004
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skilled button finder who is a man
they call me button man
by lykanth March 18, 2020
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An IT professional who is tasked with implementing a project design in a computer system but is not in charge of the overall project. “Button man” in this context is a literal reference to the pushing of buttons.
When asked about project specifics, such as a go-live date, training plan, or even general purpose of a particular project, the typical response would be “Don’t ask me; I’m just the button man.”
by DarylTUBA July 12, 2021
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