The scum of the Earth who are too incapable to get an actual job
This scalper dickhead just made this prices of Nintendo Switch’s triple
by MikeMillion July 16, 2020
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An asshole who preorders/buys an item as soon as it's available and resells it at a higher price point than the item originally sold for. Usually is fat, lazy, or has no actual job.
Johnny: I went to Gamestop to get the new Destiny game and they were out of stock and I had to buy it from a scalper.
David: What an asshole, preying upon innocent people wanting to buy something that they find interesting.
by JFK Shot First June 9, 2017
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I just want to get a 3080 for MSRP, not 3x the price like what the scalpers want.
by TheTank18 September 19, 2020
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Someone who purchases large quantities of goods (usually tickets) early with the sole intention of re-selling them at a higher price at a later date (closer to the event).
Seedy looking guys outside stadiums avoiding police and trying to sell tickets to baseball/football games which are about to start.
by ~Sunigirl~! January 28, 2004
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terrible pieces of scummy trash that jack up the price of a newly-released product by purchasing it and then selling on eBay for 5 times the price
person 1: damn, all the RTX 3070s are out of stock
person 2: yeah except for eBay, but now they're 1000 dollars. fuckin' scalpers.
by beneb November 28, 2020
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Dirtbags who use bots to buy up high demand products online and sell them at triple and quadruple the price.
That dirtbag scalper purchased all the ps5’s for $399 and $499, then listed them for sale at $1,900 and $2000!
by ShannonRed November 15, 2020
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A Bitchass that buys everything and sells everything on 3 times the price
Person1: Dude I can't buy a PS5
Person2: It's because of those fat-fucks scalpers we can't buy anything, even a video card that was supposed to be 299$
by ethanyuh March 20, 2021
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