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To be fooled or tricked as in fish taking a bait
It originated from Korean slang language
I was so happy when I got a text message during class! At the instant, I thought I was so cool.
but only to realize that the text was from the guy sitting next to me. It read:
"You are fished"
by Jay Na December 31, 2007
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when you effortlessly get with someone way out of your league for one night and everyone knows you'd never be able to get with them again.

fishing is when you're the attractive one pursuing an easy catch.
Man, I don't know how fugly Jeremiah got with Kelsey last night- he totally got fished!

Yeah, she must have really been fishing!
by frozenelephant May 12, 2009
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To be extremely high, or to act like you are high due to exhaustion.
Dude, I was so fished last night that I saw a cactapuss
by thehunger August 24, 2007
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