Miniature skateboards that you can do tricks with your fingers on. They take a lot of patience and practice to get good at fingerboarding.
It's not called Tech Decking, because Tech Deck is a company that produces fingerboards. It's called fingerboarding.
by The Fingerboarder March 22, 2007
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Miniature skateboard. They are harder than you think you fuckbags, you get one and try to do a nollie-heel crook. Yeah k thnx. And we take it seriously too, k, with sponsors and shit. And in Germany and Europe, it pwns your ass. But I do love you. Wanan knwo who else us fingerboarders love? Randy Marshall. He wears girlpants.
ITs ahrder than it looks, yeah k, thats all I have to say.
by John Cardoso August 13, 2005
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A miniature skateboard that is very fun and time consuming, one on the nerdiest things ever unless you were good at them. ppl used to play with them all the time in the 8th grade, a company called SimilarDevice tried to copy a 2 dollar cheap imitation of the Tech Deck but they had no grip and sucked ass.
Fiend-"Finger skateboards are dumb"
Me-"to you cuz you suck at them"
Fiend-"only 11teen yr olds play with fingerboards"
Me-"Dude you're a tool, you cant even play with toys correctly. YOU SUCK AT LIFE!"
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The act of inserting ones fingers into the orifice of another individual while surfing
Rob: Wow! Can you believe Dowler broke his wrist fingerboarding that AIDS ridden Thai lady boy last night?

Pat: I'm not surprised one bit.
by PuddlesMcMoonshine April 28, 2010
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a board in which you lay someone on before you finger them
jac and candi were on the fingerboard
by Candi September 17, 2004
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Fingerboard week is the best content to watch on YouTube. Started by David Jones he shows the best of amazing and wacky custom fingerboard parks and custom fingerboards.
Person 1: Hey have you seen fingerboard week 7?

Person 2: Yeah it’s sickk
by Zexpray May 23, 2022
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Close Up "finest fingerskateboards" is the best quality fingerboard. This fingerskate is made with 36 pieces to assemble, into one cool pack. The deck is made with 5 plys maple wood, real griptape, real metal trucks, bolts, urethane wheels, metal core, 10 stickers Close Up, and a clear notice for the construction. It's the exat replic of a skateboard, but at the size of the fingers, so you can play with your fingers as you would with your feet on a skate. It's fun like a real sport, you have to practice and can learn thousands of realistic tricks
Close Up fingerboard fingerskate.
by close up fingerskate September 18, 2007
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