we do not use this term for girls, we use it for boys. we use this term when boy's are wearing pants that are so tight on the legs and the crotch that they look like girl's pants. or maybe the boy even bought these pants from the girl's section in a store, or borrowed them from their sister or girlfriend. boys wearing girlpants has become a fad in rock bands and in skateboarding.
"Hey look Joanie! Those pants are so tight on him, they must be girlpants!"
by Shelbs. June 27, 2005
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word to call particularly woossy or pathetic males, ie blokes who drink light beer drive an mx-5 or are scared by spiders
OI you girlpants! (said to bryan as he holds a coors light instead of a pint of real beer)
by Pete_mini_fan August 25, 2006
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Name of a male who wears tight bright blue bedazzled jeans to a basketball game, thinking that their cool
Jonathan looks so gay wearing his girlpants
by sargon1 January 20, 2010
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