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we do not use this term for girls, we use it for boys. we use this term when boy's are wearing pants that are so tight on the legs and the crotch that they look like girl's pants. or maybe the boy even bought these pants from the girl's section in a store, or borrowed them from their sister or girlfriend. boys wearing girlpants has become a fad in rock bands and in skateboarding.
"Hey look Joanie! Those pants are so tight on him, they must be girlpants!"
by Shelbs. June 27, 2005
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when guys (generally skaters, scenesters, emo kids) wear girls' pants or jeans. i usually see guys wearing those tilt brand jeans from pac sun. they generally look pretty good too, unless you're unnaturally tall.
Girl (speaking to Boy): Hey, we're wearing the same jeans. How scene!
by ihavenoname April 13, 2005
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A term used to describe pants made for women or girls worn by emo, scene, or skater boys. Hardcore devotees to this fashion wear their little sisters pants.
The guy wearing girl pants has a nice ass
by BlackRainbow13 June 16, 2007
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1. Pants worn by girls.

2. Very tight Abercrombie-like pants worn by guys who are "hardcore"/"emo".
Thats guy's wearing girl pants. He's not gay, he's emo.
by cheeda777 October 01, 2004
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Probly the most offensive word off a 6 year old. It is derived from Wayne off the Cramp Twins and little shit like to immitate him so they can pretend to be tough in front of all the other kids.
Boy Aged 6:Hey, You're a girl pants.

Boy aged 10: Go and fuck yourself you little moron.
by Bryanttie April 07, 2009
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a pair of women's pants, but called girl pants because a man is wearing them. A typical fashion of metrosexuals.
Dave is wearing girl pants!
by Jess December 27, 2003
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Women's pants that are worn by de-masculinized men and boys. These men and boys often have a disruptive or nonexistent relationship with their fathers and thus identify more with their sisters and mothers. They take this identification with femininity and rejection of masculine norms to such an extent that they wear pants that give them the appearance that they deliberately atrophy their leg muscles in order to look like women.
Girl pants are the refuge of the kid who's mad at his father and yet wants to be closer to him at the same time.
by vagabond686 March 12, 2009
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