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McDonald's.. A spot where broke small-towners hang out.
"I'm workin' over at the M D lounge."

"Let's go chill, and hit up the M D lounge shall we?"
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Another form of "ding-dong ditching" where instead of ringing the doorbell you kick the shit out of it several times and then book it! (sometimes yelling OOGIE BOOGIE NIGGER in the process)
Were on a mission tonight, were goin nigger knockin!
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When you are sick, and cant breathe through your nose, and when you wake up in the morning your toungue is like a dried up piece of leather.
"Man I am sick as hell, this morning i had leather toungue like a mofo."
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The long jeri-curled very black cop in the movie bulletproof, see struck match for a further description.
Jeri-curl-"You're under arrest!"
Keets-"You're breakin' my arm Miles Davis!"
Jeri-curl-"Fuckin' pussy!"
Keets-"What are you and the black in the hat doin' folliwing me around anyway?"
Jeri-curl-"We was just in the neighborhood."
Keets-"Anyone ever told you you look like a struck match?"
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