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The brilliant hispanic lead singer of coheed and cambria, he is very talented at guitar and especially singing, i love his high pitched womanly voice, and did i mention his poofy hair it rules and also looks like a davey crocket hat when in a ponytail.
"Panic stirred me awakened by a ringing phone in time."
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Another form of "ding-dong ditching" where instead of ringing the doorbell you kick the shit out of it several times and then book it! (sometimes yelling OOGIE BOOGIE NIGGER in the process)
Were on a mission tonight, were goin nigger knockin!
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A haircut that can be on a guy or girl where the hair is shorter in the back than in the front. Its kinda like a reverse mullet but not quite, and spikier in the back.
Ex.1:"That chick is a lezbo, i mean c'mon look at that dyke spike."
Ex.2:"Matt and Adam have dyke spikes."
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An act in which you slap soneone in the face with your wang leaving a sometimes purple welt, hence "purple dragon."
"I once was at this party and recieved a purple dragon, it was brutal!"
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Just another way to say "Nigga."
"Wud up bitch ass Nyuka?"
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The act of putting your mouth on someones stomach and blowing, making a fart-like air noise.
"I was sleeping, and all of a sudden I was awakened by some homeless man giving me a zerber."
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An age to describe someone who is young, annooying, and immature.
Ya-"bobby likes pokemon"
Me-"that shits for 11teen year olds"
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