a company that makes tiny skateboards for your fingers. kids use them to then fingerboard, which is like skating, except using your fingers instead of your feet!
Hey man i just landed a double kickflip fakie on my new tech deck!
by m. sherm January 21, 2009
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Another term that refers to fingering a girl.
1. Remember that girl that I met at that party last night? I totally tech-decked her!
2. My roommate totally came in when I was tech-decking Ashlyn; and I don't mean playing with the little skateboard.
by Jeeves377 November 16, 2009
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Tech Decking is when you’re hitting it from the back and you pull out a tech deck and do tricks on her ass. This process has been confirmed to be the only moral way to have premarital sex.
“Yo I’m totally tech decking on this girl rn” -Chad “yeah I know, I’m watching because it’s so awesome”-John
by Fungoid August 28, 2020
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an old company which made miniature sk8boards that you could customize to you liking. They were "The Shit" for a while but became sold-out like blink 182 or AIM
Dude, check out my tech deck, complete with DC wheels and the ELEMENT deck! o yeah I'm the shit...

Dude, you do realize that tech deck is not used anymore...?
by Weasel May 12, 2004
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Tits that have an odd vert ramp shape to them.
Those would look nice if they weren't all tech deck titties
by JohnBobSexiPants August 14, 2008
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best video ever man funny thing guy cant tech deck what a funny video
by jesse April 6, 2003
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