The act of making one's self vomit after a meal, by using a finger (preferably middle) to gag and expel the contents of the stomach.

I followed up that hearty Thanksgiving Day dinner with a delicious finger sandwich. I feel so much thinner now!
by c0linito July 24, 2008
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The act of two males grinding on a female, while the male on the frontside fingers the female. The behind male may do the same, creating a sandwich.
The two guys were sandwiching the girl on the dance floor, both fingering her, creating a finger sandwich.
by 825 Woodland October 20, 2011
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The process of performing cunnilingus while lovingly providing digital stimulation to your girlfriend.
Norah: I have the naughtiest craving right now...
Kimber: what, like a finger sandwich perhaps?

Norah: yes, that's EXACTLY what we want! Spread 'em woman, so I can have a taste!
by Lanky Cougar August 31, 2016
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The act of making yourself throw up instead of eating. Can also be had for desert after eating.
Anthony: I'm going to get a five dollar footlong from Subway.
Mike: I'm going to have a two-finger sandwich instead. It's cheaper and less calories.
by splucygoosey June 6, 2011
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Ambiguous sexual euphemism, conjuring up images of fingers, knobs, wanking and gobbling.
That girl was begging for it, so I gave her a six-finger sandwich.
by DannioBigMacs January 20, 2021
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when you are at a lunch table at school or another public place and there are other people around and you finger a girl underneath the table.
dude, at lunch today i two- finger sandwiched this girl
by jcs2386 June 9, 2010
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One who inserts their fingers into an unwashed vagina (human or animal) and then proceeds to use butter instead of lubricant.
Harvey: I really fancy a fish finger sandwich.
Felix: Okay, just be quick about it.
Harvey: Okay i'll fetch the butter while you spread your legs.
Felix: I'll think you'll find that a pussy cannot spread their legs.
Harvey: Ahhh ease up.
by potentguffankle January 11, 2011
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