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He's a great guy. Hugo could be you best friend and not let you down. He will be by your side no matter what. Never get in his bad side or flirt with his girl. He's a great man to his girl. Hugo loves with his life and not always get that affection back properly. He's the perfect prince charming...knight and shinning armor. If your his girlfriend you are a really lucky girl take care of him because he is worth all the trouble.
by Hugoswiffy January 10, 2014
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has a really, big dick. He's a beast in bed. He'll pleasure you better than your boyfriend/ex. He doesn't have to flirt with the ladies in order for them to notice him. He's adorable and hot at the same time.
Girl #1: how was your day?
Girl #2: I was with Hugo.
Girl #1: awww you lucky bastard. Gosh hearing his name makes me horny.
by masterpeapod February 06, 2015
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is a fresh guy wearing original shirts 99% of the time. Usually late and occasionally lost, he's still a terrific friend with whom it's impossible not to laugh. Also known as "the king of club sandwiches", he has full of ambitious projects and he's always ready for the next adventure.
In other words, Hugo is the biggest doer you can possibly meet.
Person 1: What is Hugo doing?
Person 2: He's showing his signature dishwasher mime...
by ice & iceberg September 30, 2016
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An awesome brown-haired boy, often called fit, who is secretly in love with a girl... He doesn't know her awfully well for the time being but as they're getting a stronger friendship he is realising his true feelings for the blonde-haired girl. He is quite shy about who he likes in that way... But he knows he wants to ask out this girl before it's too late.. But altogether, he is a cute young boy, who is also admired by other boys sexually, but is straight.
There is such a Hugo boy I know...
by missinlove April 07, 2013
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a man who can hold his smoke, he can inhale a huge hit of weed with out the slightest cough afterward, a god of weed
i am so hugo its not even funny
by ryan March 25, 2005
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A 2k king, the best that’ll ever teach you, eats the most rocks to become the rock. Makes the meanest sandwiches in town
Bro look at hugo go! Lifting them rocks!
by Curry curry September 21, 2018
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The boy your girlfriend wants to have sex with/already is. He has the ability to make any girl fall in love with him with his charm and southerness, as if his good looks alone weren't enough. Girls will often keep photos of him on their wall and you can bet it's him they're thinking about while you're sleeping with her.
For those who label him as a southern fairy, with his mad skills and magic wand, truly he is the Oberon of Hertfordshire.
Heather: "I was so close to saying Hugo's name in bed last night"

Jessica "Yeah me too"

Ashlee "STFU about my boyfriend!"
by MostEnviedManInYorkshire July 22, 2010
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