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A video game that was very popular when first released in the arcades in 1989. Home versions were not as good as the arcade but some came close, such as the X680000 and Mega/SEGA CD versions. Numeruous seuqels appeared on the Super Nintendo and other consoles but all were inferior to the original. Some of the characters from the Final Fight series later made it into some of the Street Fighter games.

One thing the first game is remembered for is that the upset two of the enemies caused to Nintendo. The characters Poison and Roxy were replaced in the Super Nintendo versions with Billy and Sid because Nintendo USA thought Posion and Roxy were transvestites. These characters were left in the Japanese version though.

The game is in the scrolling beat 'em up genre, with your character walking around fighting anyone that dares to attack you. You have a few different moves in the original version (later games had many more moves) and special attacks. The enemies can get real tough later on, and there are often loads of them on screen as well.

Despite being a very popular game back in the day, only 1 good fan site on the series now exists, located at www.classicgaming.com/finalfight
Guy: HeeeeeeYahhhhh!
Poison: Ahhhhh!
Andore: Gwahhh!
by Galvatron February 19, 2005
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A web site dedicated to the Final Fight series of video games by Capcom.
We need more Final Fight info, let's check out Final Fight Online.
by Galvatron December 22, 2004
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A video games console created by SEGA. It was the sucessor to the SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive. The Saturn was 32-bit and the games were stored on CDs, opposed to the catridges from before.

Sega planned to bring out a new console that would have the "most advanced 2D graphics ever" but after seeing the specs for the new Sony Playstation, they had to have a serious re-think. The new Sega console, called SEGA Saturn, was given more chips that meant it could compete with the Playstation, but it was highly difficult to devlop for.

The console didn't sell very well at all, especially in America. Multiple software delays and a lack of games from 3rd party publishers meant not many bought it. The console was only a real sucess in Japan.

The Saturn could do much better jobs of 2D games than any other console, but the 3D games would often looks worse than Playstation.

However the Saturn has become a collector's prized possesion in recent years with a big market available.

Key games for the Saturn include Nights, SEGA Rally, Street Fighter Alpha 2, Radiant Silvergun, Virtua Fighter 2 and Panzer Dragoon Saga.
Saturn versions of 2D games were very good, but 3D games somtimes lacked compared to the Playstation versions.
by Galvatron January 08, 2005
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