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A popular Australian rap group from the Adelaide hills.
I acknowledge them for having as many fans as any artist on tv, but refusing to go big and not have videos.
by Marbarian April 15, 2005
Someone who hates Sega, either because they are ignorent, think they make crap games, or more commonly, hates sega because they fail to accept their own responsablility for buying a console/add-on which then failed.
Sega didn't intend for the mega cd, 32x and saturn to be failures! It's just people didn't buy them, so they failed!

A sega hater bought a mega cd but the mega cd was unpopular so they stopped making games for it. The sega hater then blamed sega because their console was unpopular.
by Marbarian May 19, 2005
This site, which is supposed to be used for urban slang but most of the definitions are
1) Sexually related
2) Video game related
3) Peoples names
4) Words that people just make up out of no where and claim it's urban slang.
5) Not real facts and just peoples opinions without reason.

Only some of urban dictionary is used properly.
1) I'll use urbandictionary to educate myself about sex!
2) I'll go onto urban dictionary and educate my self about video games and realise theres people besides me that still play the snes!
3) I'll go onto urban dictionary and learn about some rapist some guy met!
4) I'll go onto urban dictionary and look at all the crappy words that people make up like neegah.
5) Wow, chrono trigger is such a great game but i'm not going to give a reason!!!
by Marbarian April 14, 2005
These cars really fuckin suck!!!



Haha a ford.... So shit!
by Marbarian December 26, 2005
Nintendo's next console. They claim the revolutionary part of the console will be the controller, which they have yet to reaveal. All we know now is it is going to be less powerful then PS3 and Xbox 360, but easier to develop for. It has the ability to play gamecube games and download NES, SNES and N64 titles, but probably not ones made by 3rd Party developers. It can also be plugged into a computer monitor.
What kind of controller completly changes the way we play games and is used for old Nintendo titles?
by Marbarian July 15, 2005
Actally Hobart is a city in Tasmania. Tasmaina is a small state of Australia that is and Island on the east side of the country.
If you go to Hobart you will see people running around with 2 heads that are called Tasmanians.
by Marbarian May 20, 2005