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A rapper who had such good rhymes he could make gay kids movies without being labeled a commercialized fag. Was once a member of NWA but now in Westside Connection.
Still, not as great as he used to be.
by Marbarian May 11, 2005

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This site, which is supposed to be used for urban slang but most of the definitions are
1) Sexually related
2) Video game related
3) Peoples names
4) Words that people just make up out of no where and claim it's urban slang.
5) Not real facts and just peoples opinions without reason.

Only some of urban dictionary is used properly.
1) I'll use urbandictionary to educate myself about sex!
2) I'll go onto urban dictionary and educate my self about video games and realise theres people besides me that still play the snes!
3) I'll go onto urban dictionary and learn about some rapist some guy met!
4) I'll go onto urban dictionary and look at all the crappy words that people make up like neegah.
5) Wow, chrono trigger is such a great game but i'm not going to give a reason!!!
by Marbarian April 14, 2005

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A great game series. The games currenty in it are:
the legend of zelda
adventure of link
a link to the past
link's awakening/ dx
ocarina of time
majora's mask
oracle of ages
the windwaker
a link to the past/four swords
four swords adventures
the minish cap
faces of evil
wand of gamelon
zelda's adventure
(new one coming out for gamecube in '05)

Most of these games take place in the land of Hyrule but they have been set in Termina, Holodrum,
labrynna and Koholint Island. In all but two games, you play as a guy called Link.

The whole story goes:
Three godess created the land, Din, Nayru and Farore. They left behind something called the triforce in a sacred realm. It was split into three peices, the triforce of power from Din, the triforce of wisdom from Nayru and the triforce of courage from Farore. If the one who possesed the "golden power" wasn't equally balanced in courage, wisdom and power, the individual peices would be given to people who strongly had the right qualitys. ie. Link= courage, Zelda= wisdom, Ganon= power.

Anyway, the gods created some races.
Hylians, kinda like normal people except with long ears "so they could hear the gods."
The Gorons, strange things that eat rocks and roll like boulders when they curl up.
Zoras, fish-men sort of that can live on land for a short amount of time.
The kokiri, child people that have guardian faries. They never grow up and it is said that if they leave the forest they will die.
Lastly, the Gerudos. They only ever had one male born among them (however that works) which was ganondorf.
There were other species of monsters like keese and skull kid, but they wern't people-like.

Some time later (unknown amount of time) there was a lot of war. Some armies were using dark magic so the Hylians forged a sword; the master sword, powerful enough to relect this magic as long as there was a hero worthy enough to weild it. Well... there wasn't so they just left it in a stone in the temple of time.

For a time, Hyrule was peaceful under Hylian command. This is where the Ocarina of time (Even though it wasn't the first one made, it was the first one in the story.) happend. Ganondorf of the Gerudos tried to find a way into the sacred realm so he could claim the golden power for his own.
Link was a Kokiri boy, who did not have a fairy of his own. After receiving one called Navi, he went to find the three stones he needed to get the master sword. He retrieved all the stones and pulled out the master sword. It took him sven years into the future. During those years a war happend and Ganondorf had the triforce of power and hd taken over Hyrule. After freeing the sages, he defeated Ganondorf, who transformed into Ganon who he defeated and then Zelda and the other sages locked in the sacred realm.

After, majoras mask took place where Link went to search for Navi (who went missing)
Almost the same story line as Ocarina of time (except a wizard named Agahim gets rid of the king and Link dosn't travel through time, he travels to the Golden land which is now the dark world) happend again in "A link to the past" but was a different Link. It's not really clear what happend first, "A Link to the Past" or "The Windwaker" because they are definatly different Links (because in Windwaker everyone worships the hero of time, Link from Ocarina of time.)
Anyway, after "A Link to the past" that Link (This is confusing) sails to Koholint Island and *spoiler* wakes up to find it was all a dream.

Faces of Evil, Wand of Gamelon and Zelda's Adventure had nothing to do with the other games (Because Nintendo didn't make them, they just licensed Phillips to make some Zelda games for the CDI.)
It's really hard to tell what Link it is in both oracle games and the Minish cap because Capcom put a mix of so many charecters from different games in.

Anyway, after all that stuff is the original Zelda games for the NES. These games most properly took place after all the others because Link ens up getting all peices of the triforce.
In the original "the Legend of Zelda" Ganon captures Zelda, who splits the triforce of wisdom into eight peices. Link finds them all, defeats Ganon and rescues Zelda.
In "Zelda 2 the Adventure of Link" Zelda is cast in a deep sleep by a wizard for notrevealing the location of the triforce of courage. Link, now sixteen had a strange mark on his hand and was told that meant he could use the triforce of courage. He had to go around to six palaces to retrieve thier crystals so he could enter the Valley of death. He defeated his enemy- his own shadow. Hyrule PROBERLY lived happily ever after but we won't know until a continuing story is made.

A great story line, with great gameplay! Conclusion: Zelda rules!!!
The Zelda series is the greatest game series ever!!!
by Marbarian April 04, 2005

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A popular Australian rap group from the Adelaide hills.
I acknowledge them for having as many fans as any artist on tv, but refusing to go big and not have videos.
by Marbarian April 14, 2005

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Super Nintendo Entertainment System. Nintendo's 16-bit console. It was the first console with shoulder buttons on it's controller and had a button layout which is still being copied by other companies to this day.
It had great hardware at it's time, and some of the great 2D still impresses today.
The thing which made the console great though, was the games. The SNES had a great selection of games of most genres.
Some of the best SNES games are: Super Mario World, Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island, Donkey Kong Country series, Megaman series, Super Metroid, Super Mario Kart, F-Zero, Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy series, Secret of Mana, Seiken Densetsu 3, Lufia series, Earthbound, Illusion of Time, Terranigma, Starwing, Super Bomberman series, Street Fighter 2, Final Fight series and more...
If you don't have a SNES you're missing out.
by Marbarian August 24, 2005

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Actally Hobart is a city in Tasmania. Tasmaina is a small state of Australia that is and Island on the east side of the country.
If you go to Hobart you will see people running around with 2 heads that are called Tasmanians.
by Marbarian May 19, 2005

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Nintendo dual-screen. Something I can't wait to get. Nintendo's latest portable system is seperate from the gameboy series.

At a first look, the DS' dual screen just seems like a feature. A good feature is one that has something to do with improving gameplay, which the touch screen does. The psp however, is trying to beat nintendo with better graphics and dvd, making the DS the instant winner. Why? Because the DS is focusing on making fun games and revolutionizing games. The PSP is a mobile phone minus the calling people.

Also, the DS is cheaper then PSP and so are the games. The DS consumes less battery power then the PSP.
The DS is an interesting console with fun games.
by Marbarian June 04, 2005

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