The first true sequel of the Final Fantasy series, Final Fantasy X-2 takes place two years after the events of Final Fantasy X. Spira has been in peace since the permanant death of Sin, but Yuna feels something is missing in her life. One day, Rikku visits Yuna in her home of Besaid with a sphere found by Kimahri. The man inside the sphere recording strangely resembles Tidus. Yuna, realizing her dreams of adventure and finding her love, sets out with Rikku to find him.
Yuna, Rikku, and Paine search for spheres in hopes of uncovering mysteries of the past and clues of Tidus' whereabouts.
by Christine February 3, 2005
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A sequel Final Fantasy game for Final Fantasy X. This game focuses mainly on following up Yuna's story. Unfortunately, it doesn't do much following up unless you are prepared to spend more time leveling up and doing frustrating side quests such as the gunner's gauntlet than playing actual story missions. If you did only play direct story missions, the game would only take a complete moron about an hour to finish.

As well as this, the idea of playing barbie with 3 barely clothed teenage girl video game characters is not necessarily most people's cup of tea.

However, the story line is pretty good and satisfying (if you can be bothered to finish all the places perfectly)... touching possibly. The FMV scenes are actually pretty good and the normal cutscenes have graphics that don't make you want to cry and question if technology has made any advancements at all.
FFX laughing scene comes on, arguably the worst scene ever created.

Gamer: I hope Final Fantasy X-2's cutscenes are better than this... I hope no one I know sees this...
by _General_Zod_Will_Rule_ January 27, 2007
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The worst Final Fantasy Game ever. It was made for nerds who didnt have any masturbation material or for people with no total life. The story sucked and i wish that i did not buy that game.
im gonna kill the guy that made FFX2
by GM March 16, 2005
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Sequel to Final Fantasy X, and ties up the loose ends of the story. For instance, what happened to the people of Spira during the eternal Calm, and what the hell was Tiuds doing appearing underwater after the credits.
While being okay story-wise, the game itself felt incomplete and a shadow of what it promised to be. A real shame.

See also total disappointment
Me: Yes!! My copy of Final Fantasy X-2 that I pre-ordered three months ago has finally arrived! Now I can see how one of the most enjoyable RPGs in recent years continues and ultimately ends!

(five minutes later)

Me: This is a total let down.

(five minutes later)

Me: Whoa. I completed it.
by HJ Kofflinger May 3, 2006
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An attempt at a good sequel to FFX. It's basically Yuna with shrunken whore like clothes, Rikku with bigger hair and very sluttish clothes, and a new character Paine who also looks like a slut. Made for younger girls but mostly played by serious final fantasy otakus and perverted men.
Final Fantasy X-2 is a slutty game made for old perverted men who can't get a girlfriend and who got dumped by their wives cuz they just wanted sex.
by Marisa D. April 23, 2006
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a paradox; lame move made by Squaresoft to capitalize on the extreme popularity of Final Fantasy 10 brought on by the lack of good games for the new PS2 console
by patrickson March 27, 2004
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