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Depending on the types of jokes and the manner in which they present them, the rare breed called "comedians" is one of the most intelligent types of people you will ever find inhabiting the planet. In a school classroom situation they are always the bright smart arses in the top class.
Anyone can tell a joke, but to tell a good, witty and tasteful joke is truly a rare gift. The people who possess this gift are comedians.
by _General_Zod_Will_Rule_ January 27, 2007

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An arrogant British "actress" who never thought about trying for the role of Hermione... and only did so as a joke. She believes falsely in her ability as an actress and she also has a strong conviction that many people love her.

Her eyebrows are making a movie all their own, as they perform so flamboyantly you could put their movements in fast forward to the music "popcorn" in order to make the next musical blockbuster.

She was not always like this. Once apon a time in her early years she could actually act Hermione convincingly. Since then she is determined to ruin the original character of JK Rowling by forcing her into pink (although it must be admitted that is not entirely her fault... more the costume designer) and decreasing her individuality as a teenage girl.
Emma Watson: *reads entry above* You're just jealous of my fantastic acting skills *Flicks hair* *eyebrows jump off face and start dancing*

Me: If you truly think that then you clearly can not read. Besides, why would anyone be jealous of you? You have mutant eyebrows!
by _General_Zod_Will_Rule_ January 26, 2007

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A person whose intelligence could fit inside of a pin head. The higher up the political position, the dumber they get. If you are an intelligent, kind, humane, honest, peace-loving, humble... PERSON, you are always disqualified immediately from the competition.
Politicians can not think straight because they are so high up from looking down on people they are suffering a shortage of oxygen to the brain.
by _General_Zod_Will_Rule_ January 27, 2007

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A sequel Final Fantasy game for Final Fantasy X. This game focuses mainly on following up Yuna's story. Unfortunately, it doesn't do much following up unless you are prepared to spend more time leveling up and doing frustrating side quests such as the gunner's gauntlet than playing actual story missions. If you did only play direct story missions, the game would only take a complete moron about an hour to finish.

As well as this, the idea of playing barbie with 3 barely clothed teenage girl video game characters is not necessarily most people's cup of tea.

However, the story line is pretty good and satisfying (if you can be bothered to finish all the places perfectly)... touching possibly. The FMV scenes are actually pretty good and the normal cutscenes have graphics that don't make you want to cry and question if technology has made any advancements at all.
FFX laughing scene comes on, arguably the worst scene ever created.

Gamer: I hope Final Fantasy X-2's cutscenes are better than this... I hope no one I know sees this...
by _General_Zod_Will_Rule_ January 27, 2007

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A talentless actor who, when displaying any type of strong emotion (eg anger) creates a need in the viewer to run away and find a sledge hammer in order to smash the screen and the disk.

One who's employment circumstances on the Harry Potter movies are extremely suspicious.
Daniel Radcliffe: I was with my father who was one of the producer's of the film during the auditions. He was the producer

Me: So... what, does that mean that you only got the job because of your influential parent

DR: What...? No... I... Can you get back to me in a week when I've consulted the script editor on an oh so witty cutting comeback?

Me: uuuhhmmm... ok?
by _General_Zod_Will_Rule_ January 26, 2007

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