Full Motion Video. A video clip in a game that features much greater detail than the normal play mode. This is accomplished by pre-rendering the scene, so as a rule these scenes are not interactive.
I got to another major plot point in this game, so here comes another FMV.
by Artscrafter August 03, 2004
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Fan-made Music Video

A more generalized version of AMV that includes videos that aren't based on Anime.
Examples of FMVs could include and aren't necessarily limiited to songs put to clips from a video game (especially games from companies like Microsoft since they aren't based in Japan), a movie, a television show, a SlideShow or non-anime cartoons.
by Darth Kiljoy March 31, 2007
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Stands for Fan Made Virus, a Youtuber named Siam Alam started a series, of where his fans code him Malware, Ransomware, etc. He named his Youtube series FMV.
Colby: What's your favorite series that Siam Alam does?
Noah: Probably FMV.
by Nexurent February 04, 2018
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Short for Fantasy Music Video. Made while splicing clips of different fantasy shows, movies and games together in order to create a fanmade music video.
I'm thinking about making an FMV out of The Chronicles of Narnia by using the Phish song Prince Caspian
by CelticEagle February 10, 2019
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That makes me so mad, he can FMV.
by BobbyDinosaur November 13, 2010
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Fair Market Value. The price (cash or equivalent) that a buyer could reasonably be expected to pay and a seller could reasonably be expected to accept.
I'm not going to sell it to you that far below FMV.
by Nicole S. April 20, 2006
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