An individual who regularly gets "figgity," or fucked up on drugs and alcohol. Plural: Figs.
"Yo man, there are three figs at my crib right now. They're wasted!"
by tres-figs March 23, 2016
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Fig(n)-Quite simply, a flamboyantly gay male, derived from the word figgit (most often heard while playing games with bipolar gothtards)

Do these purple sunglasses and baby blue headband make me look like a fig?
by Whiteroachr September 16, 2006
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A female wigger. A white girl who thinks she is black.

A white pasty guy who dresses ghetto is a wig - his girlfriend who does the same is a fig
by Devin Winson March 03, 2006
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Famed Imagined Girlfriend. This is a Famous Imaginary Girlfriend, who has actualized, taken form and is present.
My lover is also my FIG
by Paris Morgan January 18, 2010
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An acronym that represents "Fat Indian Guy" or "Fugly Indian Guy" commonly used in the eastern and southwestern regions of the United States.
Nicole: Oh by the way, did you see that shirt i bought?
Diana: oh yeah ...OMG! WATCH OUT! INCOMING FIG!!!!
Nicole: -turns around- OMFG!! Hes so fat!
by yeah its fo sho March 27, 2007
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A insult describing one who lives in the USA but is Canadian born. He often replenishes his stolen lunch money by means of fraud. He is then ridiculed by his peers so much that it forces him to move back to Canada.
LOL u got figged bad buddy, now ur poor as fuck~!
by ger November 22, 2004
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