A squishy snack that german teachers enjoy putting on romantic candle lit tables
by Mandingo Hunter 3000 July 21, 2018
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"fake nig"
If a super white girl fake tans making her look like a black girl, then she's a fig.
Ew look at her tan. She's such a fig.
by yeahgirl February 28, 2010
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Fake, large breasts. Derived from 'tig old bitties', the 'f' representing the fake aspect.
Did you see those Figs? EEE son.
by SPARTANGLORY June 11, 2009
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Fig is word back fomr the middle ages. It's used as a short form for people to lazy to say the following words
"Figuero", "Figuyasha", "Figueroa" and "Figith"
Some vairations include;
"Fig","Figgy","Figgy Pop" "Figgy Popo", "Figgy Poop", "Figalicious", "Figajoea", "Spanish", "Figly", "Moldy Fig", "Fugly Fig"
Hey "FIGGY POOP" "shithead"
by Juicy Jumbos June 19, 2005
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Noun. 1. a state of dismal boring abyss. - figtatious, adj.
1. "Fuck I got fig".

2. ...Alastair promptly snapped "I don't like hanging around Adrian that cunt gives me fig."

3. "I can't stand this figtatious job anymore!" Elijah remarked with disgust.
by myncs February 14, 2005
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