The guy whom doesn't know you exist, that you wish to be your boyfriend, and claim as your own.
"See that guy doing squats on the smith machine?"


"he is my imaginary boyfriend, Isn't he HOTT!?"

The stud that just walked past you, can now be your imaginary boyfriend.
by angiekalamazoo April 08, 2011
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A super hot guy that every single girl is hooked up with in their imaginations because they are too ugly to get a man in real life. Gives you something to think about when you are feeling lonely.
Hey bae, wanna cuddle?

Sure baby! C'mere.

*intense making out noises*

*SIGH* dreams never come true. Hey who needs a real guy anyway? My imaginary boyfriend will always love me
by Igotafatas December 03, 2020
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