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A shitty Canadian cell phone provider that has bad reception no matter where you are and how good of a model your cell phone is.
Person 1: Dude, I'm standing outside and still get static on my cell phone, even though its the latest Motorola!!!

Person 2: Are you on a Fido cell phone package? Switch to Telus, Rogers, T-Mobile, you idiot!! Anything but Fido...
by Young & Freedman September 28, 2005
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a boy with long hair, often goes by nate
1) did you see that fido?
2) hey! fido.. did ya get a hair cut yet?
by idk March 5, 2005
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an individual that drives hannah CRAZY
fido stop being such an asshole
by hannah January 6, 2005
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mutation from the Latin meaning "always a dog", always being a dog, always base and self-gratifying, always begging handout, freebees, sex, gratuities. Always "dogging it".
When Zeb related to ladies and friends in his base self-serving way he was "Semper Fido" - always doglike.
by jim christ November 29, 2007
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Dogs expand to fill the sofa available.
Mutt: Dude--I can't sit down. Your sofa's completely covered with dogs.

Jeff: Fido's Law, man.
by Two Hep Cats June 2, 2013
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Much like the admirable crowd-favorite Hot Karl this act is performed by one of the canine species. Feed your dog whatever it is you've noticed causes him/her to drop severe rank steamers and have it to lay one of these mammoths across your stomach, back, face. Whichever suits you.
Well last night Dexter and I got into some curry and before bed he let loose a nice Hot Fido on my chest
by ZaSniper January 25, 2010
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7up mascot of the early 90s, was borght back in 2002 and has returned to standing around on the cans/bottles with some zany quip in a thorght bubble.

Deemed the king of cool from his laid back personality and vacent expressions
"Whose that dude with the triangular head here?"
"Thats Fido, hes on my pencil case"
by MaxZero August 21, 2005
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