A guy who has the same powers as James Bond
wow isn't that zeb? i'd get on my knees for him any time
by Zeb September 18, 2003
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It means a guy who is really sexy, hot, attractive, nice, and romantic and can please girls in different ways and seduce them..
Omg! that guy is really like Zeb!!!
by Alexander the XVIII March 16, 2016
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Zeb is Zeb
by Neel Sora Ouranos February 11, 2022
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"I told you don't touch me, you Zeb!"
by youngsahbi February 9, 2016
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A given or acquired name used to describe an individual(s) with a strong and or resolute will used sparingly in the old west. Many cultural roots arise a common meaning of " Traveling Warrior Poet". Other modern less active definitions include, "A space cowboy" or, "Large untrackable animal".
Richard is a quiet well behaved young man but that sister of his can be one headstrong little Zeb.

You wont get him to compromise much once his mind is set. In such an unforgiving environment he learned to become the steadfast Zeb he had to be.

His mother and father named him Zeb with the intention of raising a hardy strong willed yet, admirably sensitive young man.

Whistler? Oh hes one of the few Zebs we got left around here traveling the space frontier.

You got yourself here one elusive zeb. Might as well start your search on for another buck.
by Whistler999 May 2, 2016
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Zeb has got the same powers as James Bond
Wow Is that Zeb? I would kneel down for him.
by Zeb fan July 10, 2020
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