To flatulate (PC term for "fart").
"I need to lay one but I'm in public and I care about how I smell..."
by Dave April 19, 2004
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A bowel movement which causes extreme mental and physical anguish
Aidan: Are you alright mate? You look a bit pale and shaken
Tom: I just laid one traumatic
Aidan: Oh... I'm sorry

When you lay one traumatic there is a chance you might never completely recover
by jimmybarton August 29, 2009
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A unique poo style. Half of the poo in the water and the other half on the bowl getting a tan.
"What's that smell?"

"Oh. I was busy laying one on the beach"

"I won't even ask"
by Azzacadabra August 18, 2012
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To drop a deuce, dump a load, or otherwise take a crap.
After finishing all that Mexican, I had to lay one out.
by Amsterdizzle July 27, 2006
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to produce excrement
(other slang:
Steam one out
Launch the submarine
Drop the kids off at the pool
Pinch a Loaf
move the bowels
stink it up
squat and grunt
revisit food post-digestion
feed mr. flushie
push one through
take a crap
make a shit storm
Clean the poop chute
roll a dirty burrito
making homemade sushi rolls
I'm about to explode. I gotta lay one down soon, to make room for dinner
by argo 5 April 29, 2003
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Lay-one-out (southern phrase). When one chops out a line of cocaine to be shared or to take to the dome by one’s self.
Myrtle beach, myrtle beach. I’m gonna lay one out when I get there.
by Jcoop336 June 29, 2023
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