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1.The largest and heaviest weapon used in sport fencing. Scoring is done my hitting ANY part of the opponent's body, unlike Foil or Sabre where only torso or arms are target.
2.The main weapon used for duels in one-on-one sword fights (foils are for training and sabres are for large scale battles).
"he hit my toe with his epee, and its still counted as a hit!"
by Brian November 03, 2004
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This is one of the three weapons you can fence. In épée, you can only hit with the tip of the sword, but you can hit the opponent anywhere. The tip of the weapon has a button on the end that depresses when you stab the opponent. When I say you can hit the opponent anywhere on the body, I really mean anywhere. You can hit them on the toe, in the back, in the finger, anywhere. One thing to keep in mind when you fence this weapon, is that there is no right of way. There are no rules to decide who gets the point if both opponents hit at the same exact time. Whoever hits first gets the point.
Jeff: Hey, what weapon do you fence?

Gerald: I fence épée!
by jqw2 February 19, 2018
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