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A woman who claims to be a feminist but in fact harbors a genuine hatred of men
We went to that Radical bookstore, most of the women were fair and open minded but there was definitly some femi-nazis in the bunch
by MaryCatherine'sCunt December 10, 2015
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This is one of the greatest insults to a feminist of all kinds. It's not to be confused with normal feminism, but they are the extreme side of feminism or currently the loudest of third wave feminism. They will claim to want equality, like normal a feminist, but in reality they want to be above men. A feminazi will pretty much aggressively label all of male behaviors or behaviors against their wishes as toxic or basically toxic masculinity and any women who display these behaviors or disagree with the feminazi are told they have internalized misogyny. They are very hypocritical while also giving contradictory demands making it completely impossible to figure exactly what they actually want. Any criticism on any work they do is automatically deemed harassment in which they will then sic their white knights or fans to dogpile you which usually amounts to harassing you, violent threats against you, and doxing. They have been known to completely ruin other people's lives just for disagreeing.
Assymissfatassmcbutterfuckface: I want to be treated like the feminist queen that I am! Slave ! Buy me 9000 pizzas!

Normal person: Fuck no!

Assymisfatassmcbutterfuckface: Insolent misogynist swine! I will not deal with your toxic masculinity. white knights! Destroy this impudent cur and lick the shit off my boots!

Normal person: Leave me alone you feminazi.
by Lumlotus December 09, 2016
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A term used to undermine feminists and the basis of their goals, usually to validate antiquated views on gender issues.
Man, I didn't know I was dating a feminazi until Jenny told me she was going to work after she had the baby!
by dinosaur March 13, 2005
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A word that can be used in two ways;
1. (The more common use) A term men use upon meeting average feminist with good values and fair understanding, but thinks women should have equal rights, but the man is so angry that he is being challenged that he screams at her that she is a man-hating feminazi.
2. An actual woman who hates men, likely from bad experience.
1. Feminist: You know, women are very misrepresented in the media as mere objects of pleasure for me-
Me: Get back in the kitchen.
by OneFangirlRevolution November 05, 2010
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1. A word used by ignorant idiots to describe any type of feminist or women's rights activist. Is extremely offensive to both the issue of women's rights and- here's a shocker- victims of one of the most brutal wars in human history.

2. An anti- men female. She claims to be a feminist but holds highly sexist ideals along the lines of "women are better, men are brutish animals".
1. Feminazi: because wanting to be treated like a human being is *exactly* like invanding Poland.

2. Trisha claims to be a feminist, but actually is quite the feminazi.
by The_weasel November 06, 2010
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