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An individual who is present to serve as the balance against asinine individuals. They are present around these individuals to regulate and temper the atmosphere from becoming too ridiculous.
Joshuitz: Man, my coworkers are scumbags. They try to pawn the work off on to others so they can do less and fraternize more with their click.

GenManager: How so?

Joshuitz: They act like they're super busy and can't help out with the slack when the loads get busy. But thank God for Huss. Even though the others have seniority, Huss stepped in and called them out. They already hated on him to begin with so he doesn't give a fuck. He's exacting his revenge and balancing the place out again. He put all of those clowns on blast about their light workload and the coordinator stepped in and balanced the chores among everyone. Those two served as anticlown agents and nipped that shit in the bud. Now, they don't try to scheme with Huss around. He's a diabological genius.
by The Anticlown September 27, 2017
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A combination of ultra-instinct and insult, much like Ultra instinct allows a seemingly clairvoyant intuition to move any part of the body to properly counter and attack an opponent and interact with the environment without thought, Ultra-instult allows one to say anything without investigation of issue at hand and without malice as well as with the right timing and right focus of topic in order to shut down an argument or flat-out insult somebody to the point that verbal exchange will cease before it can begin and force a people to look at themselves and reevaluate who they are in order to change for the better.

It can also be used when engaging in a debate in order to automatically win without engaging in any long and drawn-out points, explanations, validations, and will immediately disable any personal agenda in order to prevent bias in arguments.
Veggie: I'll show that Goku! He thinks he can outshine me at the gym! This guy just joined yesterday and everyone is already on his dick! I'm gonna tell that asshole off! Hey, you!

Goku: Oh, hey! What's up, buddy?! Oh! Wow! That is so cool! I love your shirt! It's bright orange! Just like how I like it! It really shows off your rippling pecs, too! You gotta give me tips!

Veggie: Well...thanks. I guess. But I'm here to...

Goku: Hold on a sec! I need to squat this! Man, 1000 lbs. is great but I need to max higher than that. Maybe, you can help me reach my next PR. You look like you might have tips. I'm sure you got killer legs hiding underneath like that killer chest. Oh! Sorry, dude! That was rude. What did you want to talk about?

Veggie: Oh. Uh. You dropped your keys.

Goku: Oh, man! Thanks, buddy! You're so kind!

Veggie: Yeah. I'm gonna...go workout over there now.

Goku: Hope to see you soon! Everyone, that guy is a class act all the way! I respect him!

Olaf: Why did Veggie shut down like that? He looked like he was gonna go on a warpath to him.

Sven: Because Veggie always skips leg day. That's why he always wears pants. Goku struck a nerve. Also, Goku, simultaneously and unintentionally, poured on Veggie's guilt by killing him with kindness while he was weakened by and preoccupied with his leg day insecurity. It was the perfect combination and Goku is oblivious to the fact that he, easily, quelled Veggie's raging spirit. He must have used ultra-instult.
by The Anticlown February 6, 2018
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To speak in a sensitive manner about a demographic in a specific area that would otherwise be appropriate elsewhere. Typically done by individuals of the same background who originate from a different place.
Tyler: Man, I love vacationing in Mexico. The people here are so nice and great.

Wuan: Yeah. I wish Trump would get off of their asses and let them in already.

Tyler: Fuck no. I don't want any illegal beaners over there.

Wuan: You just talked about how great these people are. Now, suddenly, you hate Mexicans?

Tyler: No! I love Mexicans! I hate Mexican Americans! I was being geopolitically correct. They can thrive in or fuck up their own country if they want. But leave mine the fuck alone. I like it the way it is. I just needed a break from it is all. It's raining sensitive pansies over there what with BLM losers, Antifa, the dumbass fake metoo movement, LGBTQNBCNCISwhatever the fuck it is called babies, ILLEGAL immigrants demanding legal rights, feminazis, extreme leftists and rightists, and yada yada. I just wanted to relax, eat some authentic Mexican food, drink tequila, snort cocaine, and bang hookers.

Wuan: Ok. That last part wasn't geopolitically correct.

Tyler: Nah. That's what we call a stereotype.
by The Anticlown February 6, 2018
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Usually an ugly ass bitch or generally any bitch who's got issues with men because they don't pay her any positive attention or wronged her. This damages her psychologically and forces her to view all men as chauvinists. She will also attack other females by claiming that she perpetuates the female stereotypes and reinforces the men's negative behavior.
George Carlin once asked if it was funny how the women who are feminists and against abortion are the ones you wouldn't want to fuck in the first place.

So we could see them today now they've gone full-blown feminazi.
by The Anticlown June 7, 2017
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A word created and used by losers whose day predominantly involves frequenting the internet on questionable sites, engaging in questionable activities, likely pedophilic tendencies on sites like 4chan. The word was created to demonize people who live in the real word due to the fear that their imaginary and unaccomplishing way of life may be threatened by them. It also criticizes people who don't follow the new or old social norms due to the nature of their sheer stupidity.
Keef: Yo, bro. A bunch of us are gonna jump in on this challenge so we can upload it online. Let's go.

John: Nah. I'm just gonna sit here and stay focused on studying.

Keef: What's up with you? You never Snapchat or Instagram, Facebook, none of that stuff. You trying to prove something? The internet is the world now and you act like you need to stay away from it like it's beneath you. You act like you're better than us like you're some sort of edgelord.

John: Did it occur to you maybe that if I'm paying all this money for tuition or expect a great job in the future so I can make more said money, that perhaps I don't want to waste my time and kill braincells or even myself from dumb "challenges"

like swallowing Tide pods as well as prevent recording it so no one else in the world thinks I'm a complete retard including potential bosses and clients?

Keef: But yolo and stuff and...DAMN IT! YOUR LOGIC RUINED MY FUN, INNOCENCE, AND THE REST OF MY YOUTH! I guess I'll have to buckle down and do the same.

John: You'll thank me for this some day.
by The Anticlown January 15, 2019
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Someone who takes performance-enhancing substances such as androgens, testosterone, steroids, and such and becomes prone to sexual stimulation as a result, as well as forcing themselves on a potential victim, likely becoming angry if they resist, even more so prone to anger due to the substance-abuse.
Olaf: You heard about what happened to Arnie at the stripclub?

Sven: That big mother fucker at the gym? No. What?

Olaf: His roids got his mind all fucked up. He beat the crap out of the bouncers and forced himself on a stripper.

Sven: Damn. He roidraped that hoe.
by The Anticlown January 22, 2017
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One of many things lame-ass tools say to sound funny or clever but really sound like attention-seeking alcoholics. Stated in the presence and influence of Hennessy.
Teen: Alright! You brought liquor to the party! Oooh! It's Hennessy! Woot! It's going to be a real party! It's gonna get wild! Hennything is possible!

Just turned 21: Just...don't. Just don't. You sound lame as fuck. It was fucking cringe-worthy. I feel embarrassed for you.
by The Anticlown September 27, 2017
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