Noch, short for panocha...female genitalia (pussy or c*nt)
Would you please service my noch, NOW!
by Cherri March 3, 2005
noches noches is the Lame Mans non spanish speaking slanger for saying good night.
It was time for bed and Irving was trying to impress Maria with his spanish telling her "noches noches mi bella fulana"
by Hot MILF AZ July 11, 2008
noche defines as night in spanish
yo let’s spend the noche here
by estoypeda April 6, 2020
Russian word for “night
Hey, pora spat, noch na dvore!
by Matreshk June 5, 2005
noche: 1. womens vagina 2. to have sexual relations Derived from the spanish slang word for pussy, panocha
That chick is in to you, I think she is going to give up the noche!

Ill treat for lunch today. Really? You must be in a good mood?! Yah, I got noche last night!

Dude, I just grabbed that chicks noche!
by cassy_noche October 21, 2011
a top noch nga or female. Sexy as hell; bomb, hot!
by Lai_Olie February 2, 2005