'Was auch immer' is German for 'Whatever!'
Literally translated it means 'What also always' but ignore that. Ask any German you know for confirmation.
Guy: 'Man, I love being here in Germany drinking beer and scamming on chicks.'
Girlfriend: 'Was auch immer...'
by Ray Babycakes July 18, 2006
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a cool kid who plays bass and reads for fun
madeline- that kid is reading the alchemist while simultaneously playing "sinister minister" on the bass guitar
trey- man he's such a reed immer
by lamo January 14, 2004
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German for "My hair is always bad." Used when a woman is dissatisfied with her appearence whilst looking in a mirror.
Fuck! Mein Haar ist immer schlecht! I hate mirrors.
by James Frohlich April 11, 2007
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