A name or term of endearment used to describe an outstanding Aunt, Grandmother or a truly honored female.
1. Aunt Feffer's love is unconditional

2. I want to be a Feffer when I grow

3. Feffer is my role model
4. Feffer, let's make cookies for Santa
by Zoom-Zoom2U June 23, 2017
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Feffer fever is a disease cause by the love towards people with their last name ending in "Feffer." Most common names : rafe, eliza, gage, anne.
Guy: Dude the new "bieber fever" is Feffer fever, I'm so in love with that red head whose last name is Feffer in my science class.

Other Guy: I know, she's such a beb, and so is her cousin, whose last name is also feffer!
by Hay bebs December 11, 2013
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