Wanting, Craving for intensely. Mostly for a person.
Got me Feenin like Jodeci girl, I can't leave you alone.
by Chelsey March 31, 2005
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Wanting something very badly in a desirable or sexual nature
by nshelby April 22, 2009
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Alissa:I'm feenin chris brown.
Biannca:he's mine you can't have him.
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A person who is a drug addict who is going into a state of mental distress from not doing their drugs at a regimented time or a loser who ran out of drugs and now is picking the carpet looking for shards or methamphetamine
Stephanie was feenin really hard, i saw her looking for meth in the carpet at her house
That dude must be feenin hes been scraping and rescraping that meth pipe for days
by High-C85 March 15, 2020
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craving, wanting, yearning for
"I'm feenin for fries. Let's hit Mickey D's."
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When you really want something and you got to have it
Feenin like a crack head over this chicken head" - JoDeCi "Feenin'
by FlyAway July 21, 2011
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Wanting, Needing, Having or going to; usually to an extreme

*All of these negative meaning for the word "feen or feenin" are highly misused and inaccurate/altered. disregard them.*
I'm FEENIN' to go to sleep.
Means: I'm wanting to or am going to go to sleep.

Are you feenin' to eat that candy before dinner? It'll ruin you're appitite.
Means:Are you really needing to eat that candy? It'll ruin you're dinner.
by hachibana March 25, 2009
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