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A slang term similiar to anyway, anyhow, or anywho.
First guy: "Anywhore, whatcha doing tomorrow?"

Second guy: "Probably gonna chill out."

First guy: "Cool man, cool"

Second guy: "Yeah whatevah!"
by Chelsey June 1, 2004
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Wanting, Craving for intensely. Mostly for a person.
Got me Feenin like Jodeci girl, I can't leave you alone.
by Chelsey March 31, 2005
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A Honors Economics class that has suddenly turned from teaching the kids about the economy, to teaching the kids how to be pimps.
by Chelsey February 13, 2005
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Someone who talks about people because they are jealous; Hater
"Dude stop bein an ICEY ,Garnett is cold as hell!
by Chelsey June 4, 2004
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A Female/Male who thinks they are cool, but really isn't...
"Look at the glossy ass female, thinkin she's tight..."
by Chelsey June 4, 2004
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A break up line used by a chick who just wants dump your ass, but also wants to be nice about it. The sex probably sucks.
"I think we were just better off just friends"

"Jimmy, I want to break up ... but HEY .. we can be friends!!!"
by Chelsey January 14, 2005
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