1) v. A term used to describe male masturbation. It is often noted that masturbating and feeding ducks involve very similar hand motions.

2) v. The act of giving food to ducks.
I'm going to take a break from all this work, I think I'll go feed the ducks to relieve my stress.
by JoeDirt January 30, 2003
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Duck-feeding simulation available for old computers which can be sold for $15.00 at certain garage sales. Realistic duck-feeding action.
This is the greatest thing in the world.
by Nate Dogg September 11, 2003
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Code word for any sort of sexual act. This includes masturbating, having sex with anyone, phone sex, cybering, etc, etc.
"I had to feed the ducks all alone."

"Will you help me feed my ducks?"

"The ducks are hungry." (would symbolize being horny)

"I think my ducks are going to die of starvation."

"Oh man, the ducks are STUFFED."
by Jenlia Franceroyalty September 04, 2006
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Pulling your plonker with emphasis on the forward stroke.
Stuart: "I caught Joey having a wank on the couch last night."

Jeff: "Was he spanking the monkey or feeding the ducks"
by Galuscio June 29, 2011
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Jacking it.

Called feeding the ducks because you use a similar hand motion when you feed ducks.
"Your dad was cleaning the pool with his shirt off, so I had to go home and feed the ducks."
by Wesnile In Bulk January 09, 2012
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Usually a male Sexually pleasuring yourself. Can be done alone, or in the company of others. Also can be done with the help of others.
Phil said that he had to leave early to go home for dinner, but I found out later that he just went over to Stevos to feed the ducks.
by Jobot October 19, 2003
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