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The most Rich & Powerful in the world, The New World Order (NWO)/Bilderberg group is actively bankrupting nations, so when we, the little people, are desperate, the NWO can get the land and resources at fire sale price (Agenda 21); then they may price gauging on the human basic necessity needs: food, water, fuel, and energy.
Alex Jones hates the Bilderberg group. He camps out at their meetings.
by welcometomyworld September 23, 2011
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A Bilderberg refers to a family of people who pass on moronic traditions and never question their stupidity and force their habits on future generations.
"Who is that family calling the police on black people picnicking in the park?" "Oh, thats the Bilderbergs, the morons that live down the street."

Also as an insult,"Dont be a fucking Bilderberg you bitch."
by Shwattz July 27, 2018
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