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A utility that we do not have a right to or own but we can earn. The amount you determines your merit, luck, and hard work.
Like water it comes and goes,it heals you, but can kill you. Like faith it's how much you think it values, it is rule by your faith you have towards that issuing public and/or private national bank.
Man 1: Damn it! I just lost my Money.

Friend: How?

Man 1: by gambling it.

Friend: Then prevent anything similar to that happening again, budget right, and keep your jobs.

Man 1: Thank you, I'm thankful for your advice Friend.

Friend: Anytime Man 1.
by Shinkdmeister November 5, 2018
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A Christian holiday that is a another word for all Hallows eve
Person1: Happy Halloween
Person2: I cant wait to Drink the Blood of our Lord and Saviour in this Halloween
by Shinkdmeister September 15, 2019
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An morbidly obese schizophrenic who had a checkered past who had a handful of lovers at a young age. When he first became a father he was not good at it cause he was a child himself. He lost his innocence at a young age but was and still extremely naive.
Man 1: Arturo screwed the Virgin Mary and made a demon baby with her and almost single handedly ended the world because of this. God have mercy on his soul.
by Shinkdmeister May 24, 2020
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A dish Made out of Fried slices of Vegetables like eggplant
*vegan Boyfriend is visited by his girlfriends Omivorous parents and girlfriend is nervous that his boyfriend will discover her parents are not vegan*

*Girlfriends parents to welcoming boyfriend*
Girlfriends Parents: thanks for welcoming us in! To let you know we had a lovey dinner by aunt moes famous fried Chic..

Girlfriend: Chicklesmiffin! Yes, the dish that is made with fried Vegetables and eggplants.
by Shinkdmeister September 25, 2019
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It is money you borrow that is lend to you on good terms. Many came but few are chosen, it is not recommended for the impulsive or the foolish minded. You pull up on that payment or you dont; it's that simple.
Your Local Credit Lender

*Fine Print*

You promise you will pay the balance above in full, in a prescribed amount of time or they will be reprucutions for your delinquency. It is but not limited to ruining your life, not qualify for future loans, and being in a huge amount of debt, to the man.

This can make or break you, thank you for using our financial services.

-Your Credit Lender
by Shinkdmeister November 16, 2018
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Cuffing Season- A season in the Autumn and Winter months, Were a woman handcuffs a man of her fancy, And the captured have to do sexual favors for her and/or marry her.
Woman 1: I just Captured a man and made him marry me
Friend: yea?
Woman 1: without a prenup
Friend: You monster!
Woman 1: well its Cuffing Season
Friend: True, Tis the season of physical, and emotional domination over our male counterparts
Woman 1: Amen!
by Shinkdmeister November 4, 2018
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A private national bank that churns currency cents to the bill. Not backed by a physical commodity but by your faith you have to the issuing bank.
Man 1: I got a 1000 dollars, and its all mine!

Friend: No it's not, you EARNED that money but you don't own it.

Man 1: Yea, how?

Friend: The price printed from the Federal Reserve on each bill Is the amount you believe its earned.

Man 1: So it's not backed by anything, and it's just printed out?

Friend: Yup

Man 1: so, I can print it too

Friend: Yes.. NOOO!

*Plays Roundabout by Yes*

...To Be Continued
by Shinkdmeister November 6, 2018
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