The feeling you get inside moments before you want to spit in someone's face because they have been running their mouths calling you names and slandering you with bullshit that isn't true and you just can't deal with it because you've heard it all for an hour or more.

The breaking point when you lose all sanity and react to someone else's bad behavior by stooping to an all time low and act just like them however you beat them at their game of hurt and emotional abuse because you've dealt with it for so long.

The split second when you find yourself asking yourself if it's even worth it to slap someone because normally you don't like to touch feces however they are such a piece of shit that you are fed up with their actions and resort to exploding and shit slapping in hopes that the shit will go away.
Ex #1. I am so fed up with his verbal abuse that I lost it and finally spit at him for calling me a pig.

Ex #2. I'm gonna lose it and slap the shit outta that asshohole for treating me like this. I'm just so fed up with being pushed around like he owns me.
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When your to the point that your going to explode. You cant take it anymore. When you feel your going being crushed from the emotional pain. When you would rather stop breathing than to take one more minute of it. When you lose all rational thinking and your no longer your self.
I tried to change myself for a man. Needless to say this is what I ended up being. Fed up
by Lafawn February 5, 2010
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I’m tired of doing this life shit and I’m also sick of people in general because they always do me dirty.
I’m fed up with breathing so im just ginna hold my mf breath.
by asdfvanessaasdf February 21, 2019
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(adjective) disgusted and completely out of patience
I've had enough, now i'm so fed up (Eminem).
He fed up with her bad behavior.
by wisamin8or August 10, 2010
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1. pissed off
2. when your bitch has had enuff cock
I fed up matt's mom.
by Dick Jones April 14, 2004
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when you feel like you’re doing too much for the person you want to talk to and they ain’t really giving nothing back
by riya2024 April 27, 2021
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Nickname for Britney Spears, whose ex has been renamed Fed Ex.
Now that she be single again, I'd like to kick it with Fed Up.
by Frank Pentangeli November 16, 2006
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