Miles beyond an ass kicking, to slap someone's shit is a field day of stomping.
Who redefined my definition!?! I'm gonna slap his shit!

He calls himself "not gunshow!?!" What a douchebag! That motherfucker called me a liberal! I'm gonna slap his shit
by gunshow February 12, 2005
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When someone is trying to play it cool and make you look like stupid.
Someone is trying to fool you and take advantage
Stop acting like a fool. If you don't do your job I swear I'll slap the shit out of you.

Hey, is Bryan dating your ex?
Yeah, I think he is. Im going to slap the shit out of that fucker
by Bedterror 69 March 23, 2016
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A last attempt ultimatum-like phrase to completely silence a group or individual, when all else fails to

-utter silence-
by NotMattMeyer August 3, 2010
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Just go and slap that booty, it’s a Thursday
Slap that shit Thursday- It was Thursday and was looking thicc so I had to slap that shit
by Jacko Bean December 5, 2019
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Not a real thing. Something that you make Amanda’s believe is a cool/modern phrase or slang for something that slaps. Or is fire. It is banging.

But I’m reality, not actually used by any person... EVER!
Hey bruh bruh. Did you hear that I convinced another Amanda that “slap the shit out of my titties” is something that young people use as slang for fire! How gullible!!!!
by SchtevieDeezNutz November 11, 2020
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