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(v.) To indulge in sexual intercourse with a former partner.
Have some ex sex-you know what she likes!
by Gumba Gumba May 26, 2004
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Any act of sexual contact with an ex after the breakup. Usually involves post contact crying and/or emotional turmoil. Can also involve hate sex and/or proof sex.
Ugh! I just had exsex using my tears as lube and want to slit my wrists with a dull, rusty butter knife.
by Eau April 20, 2009
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the commonly enjoyed act of copulation between two exes, regardless of how messy the break up was. Usually kept in secret (from friends and family), exsex has pros and cons: you don't have to wonder if the sex will be great or not, what partner enjoys most, or that you are sleeping with too many people. Cons are feeling dirty afterward, possibly contracting an std from your lying whore of an ex, or eventual emotion attachment and later probably shut down that some (very few) people feel during or after sex.
Man, I had exsex with Dave last night, it was awesome, but I don't think it was a good idea, I definitely need to shower in scalding hot water and then go to the STD clinic and get tested.
by shieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet September 15, 2010
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We've all done it. Sex with an ex.

Usually done after a night of heavy drinking. A follow up of the drunk-dial for a booty call.

Lonely+Drunk= ex-sex
"Can't get warts from her again. I am already carrying that virus. So we decided to have some ex-sex and now she won't leave me alone. I remember why I hated that stanky ho."

"Having a night of ex-sex can lead to a lifetime of hell."
by Stinky McBurr April 20, 2006
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n. The sex gotten when one breaks up with one's highschool sweet heart and then come back from college at one of the assorted breaks (winter, spring, summer, etc.)
1) "What are you doing over winter break man?"
"Getting some ex sex, how about you?"
by KaCe December 15, 2004
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when you have sex with your ex-girlfriend/boyfriend & you don't even like them.
guy 1. "dude I can't believe what you did last night!"
guy 2. "yeah man it was ex-sex, even tho I hate her."
guy 1. "stellar man."
by annieo. September 09, 2007
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