when a celebrity shows more than just their bum in a film (ie: their penis or bush). This is usually for artistic reasons but clearly some serial full frontalists just like taking their kit off for the camera!

(see: Ewan McGregor)
nicole "did you see the movie Full Frontal? God it was awful wasn't?"

scarlett "no, i havent seen it, but you should see Ewan's full frontal instead! It's always great"
by Rhea July 15, 2005
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A person who hugs you with every inch of their body against yours.
He is a full frontal hugger whose nickname is “the Octopus.”
by Dr Bunnygirl July 24, 2019
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Heavy sarcasm, delivered directly to the victim's face in an open and unabashed manner.
I asked her how her day was going, and got a blast of full frontal sarcasm in return.
by Col Sarcastic March 24, 2011
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When a girl squeezes her boobs into your chest while leaning forward for a hug.
Dude man i got a full frontal hug from Sally today.mmmmm
by nice18 September 12, 2009
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The kind of bangs that go straight across. Most commonly found on small asian children, punk rock bass-playin' chicks, and indie movie stars. Usually a result of a do-it-yourself haircut, or a really expensive haircut made to look like you did it yourself.
Check out that chick's full frontal bangs, she must have used a ruler to cut those.
by sevflorenz November 03, 2010
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The process of cupping a woman's boob when either kissing or not kissing, and it is unwanted.
When Adam and Tori had to kiss during spin-the-bottle, he full-frontal assaulted her, much to her surprise and disgust.
by crazy cool cadet June 29, 2011
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