Throwing a penny into a pile of shit and making a wish. This can be performed in the wild, an urban environment, or even create one in the toilet. If this is performed in the toilet, then flushing will determine if your wish comes true or not. If the penny stays, you lose. If it disappears, you'll get your wish.
Yeah that would be great Tyrone. You should make a wish into the fecal fountain.
by Intellectual words August 14, 2012
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The aftermath of slamming your girlfriend/wife in the ass after her having a bit too much beer & Mexican.
"I was slamming Megan in the ass, and when I yanked, she blew her own fucking load on me. I was in the shower, Ace Ventura-style for several hours getting rid of the must..."
by Kal-El August 14, 2003
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A fecal fountain is a stream of wet poop preferably diarrhea Yumm ;-) propeled out of someones butt hole. it can be seen on google if wanted under the keyword tubgirl. she is the definition of a fecal fountain. Quite enjoyable indeed :-)
Dude Zander V.w and Will C jerked off to tubgirls fecal fountain......together!
by Fecal king November 10, 2006
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The act of simultaneously performing a 1080 degree pirouette while expressing diarrhea.
Man, I think Bob is loosing it. He got arrested for hooking up a crowded bus with The Fecal Fountain. WTF?
by ~Magic_Carpet~ February 08, 2019
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