Zander is different type of guy. One that genuinely cares. He is sweet, cute, very attractive and could win any girl over. He's always there to listen and never fails to make a girl smile.
Y/n: who was that?
Y/f/n: that was Zander;)
by Cupcake321 August 26, 2014
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an amazing person who is willing to listen to your problems. he is a nice guy and very funny. he is liked by everyone who knows him and hated by random bitches and assholes. he has a unique sense of humor that some people find offensive but most find funny.
S-"hey who was that cute guy you were talking to?"

V-"thats Zander."

M-"eww i hate that kid!"

V-"no way!! he is the best!"
by Zack-Attack March 29, 2011
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A nice guy who always gots ur back no matter what hes one of those friends you could never let go of. Hes good at running and basketball
by KingTruth22 June 10, 2016
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An incredibly awesome boyfriend to the luckiest girl in the world. Someone that I've dated since the eighth grade and we're now seniors in high school. There's much more to say about him but then you'd fall for him too. Pretty much, no matter how many dumb bitches try to come in between us, we'll never break up. I could fall in love with this kind of guy.
A.R.- I wish I could date Zander, let me try to steal him from Marilyn.
M.M.- HA good luck dumb bitch.
A.R.- K, I guess I'll just fuck his best friend.
by zamanderlyn September 17, 2011
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