A particularly sly species, originating from the fox family within the Rrrr.rrraaa..raawwtt..aaaww....rrrr... area.


Will break out in a tantrum when they are found to have been being sly.
As his eyes shifted up from the phone, he felt the guilt surge through him. He read back the message to himself... "Ring me! Who u wi? Talk dirty an finga over me. I'll wank!". Should he really send this? He felt dirty... like a right FARROW.
by Imran Tutbar November 20, 2007
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(verb); also "Farrowed"

To put under a love spell. To completely intoxicate and arouse with a combination of mystery, humor, wit, sexiness, intelligence, spark, and dark passion.
Matt: "Roger, what's up with you? You look like you're on Cloud fucking 9!"

Roger: "Ahh, I have been Farrowed, my friend. Sooo nice!"
by tuftskins March 20, 2010
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1.A person able to talk about yet not actually do an activity.

2. Possessing a vast and more often than not useless collection of information on a particular subject and being unable to adequately perform or accomplish said subject.
Mike :"Dude, Bob sure knows alot about air traffic control"

Jimmy :"Maybe, but throw a headset on him with some planes in the air and he chokes up like an asian hooker on a black mans dick"

Mike :"No shit... He's a farrow... What a bitch!"
by The Creep August 9, 2009
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A talented actress who first became recognized for her role in the 1968 horror movie, Rosemary's Baby. She's also been in other movies such as Alice, Another Woman, Hannah and Her Sisters, and The Purple Rose of Cairo. Recently, she was in The Omen. She was in 13 of Woody Allen's films.

She had many kids, 10 who were adopted. She had children from her relationship to Woody Allen and was the former step-mother to Frank Sinatra's three kids (one of which was older than her). Her history with all these children is often made fun of in pop culture on such shows as Family Guy.
Mia Farrow was first noticed in Rosemary's Baby. It was by far her best film!

Damn, Mia Farrow sure had an obsession with kids.
by Mikitira July 13, 2006
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When the little guy gets heard or wins.Bullys cease in their tracks when they hear a small but articulate voice.

As in that small child really mia farrowed that big guy trying to strong-arm him.
by Freedomfinder August 24, 2008
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High maintenance wannabe lady with Jedi powers who is more fridged than mother Teresa .
Would wank you off for a fiver
by Horracewallace August 17, 2017
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A guy that usually sucks dick and eats Casey smith and doesn't have a N word pass
Alfie farrow is gay
by Abc suck me July 3, 2019
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