Dirty, unkempt, and gross. Stinky like barn yard. In general a repulsive sight.
Example 1: That bussys farmhouse

Example: Damn your trash smells farmhouse
by slipmasterflex August 19, 2021
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A large fraternity, consisting mainly of homosexuals. They don't drink (at the auburn chapter), and spend most of their time beating each other off while other fraternities are partying. Shouldn't really be considered a fraternity. Also known as "Faghouse" or "Faghut"
Chick 1 : Hey did you go to the Farmhouse party last night?
Chick 2 : Yeah it was lame. It was just a bunch of dudes having sex with each other sober.
by TkEsdj October 16, 2007
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A group of hard-working gentlemen that are well rounded in all aspects of life. They are respected wherever they go, and the ladies love them. They are often seen helping old ladies cross the street, acing college exams, lifting heavy objects, or making attractive ladies swoon.
Girl 1: I need to find me a man who is sexy, burly, and is a gentleman
Girl 2: Go down to FarmHouse, they are full of them

AGR Member 1: Why do no girls ever come visit us.
AGR Member 2: They are all hanging out at FarmHouse
AGR Member 1: Dang it! I should have pledged there
by DHowardDoane March 23, 2011
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When invited on a date (or formal, or party or any large to small function planned in advance) and then ditch out 24 hours or less in advance.
Girl 1: "So, are you really going to Barn Party with Joe?"
Girl 2: "No, I think I'll wait til 4 am and then Farmhouse him."
by MM Clones February 26, 2008
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A psychological effect that happens to girls where they get led on from a basic “mid” frat boy from farmhouse fraternity. Then proceed to contemplate life and degrade themselves.
Did you hear about Macy and Jackson? She got hit by the Farmhouse Effect.
by Greedoism October 1, 2023
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Farmhouse Bob, a Farmhouse Bob The act of Covering the penis in animal shit then performing intercourse with the partner while the penis is covered in animal shit
billy next time your with jane give her a farmhouse bob
by Heavy C, and LB October 17, 2006
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The act of receiving a blow job from a woman while your butt is filled with peanut butter and a small dog is licking it out of your butt hole.
"Spencer guess what?"
"Brad did the Bulgarian Farmhouse last night with Maggie!"
"Bro, that's Sick nasty"
by TorreyZac October 17, 2011
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