A napkin used for absorbing cum after masturbation.
I'm gonna bust!! I better get a Fapkin!!
by lockenload23 August 05, 2016
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The tool in which the fapper, horney gentleman that he is, must collect, with indefatigable glee, the ultimate discharged substance of the fapping action, heretofore described as the big F.

When used properly, the said fapper is not required to constantly refill stock quantity of the Kleenex frequently, when the practical fapper can use one (or up to 3) different Fapkins to serve the same function.

A wise fapper indeed.
Ron ran out of Kleenex so he used his little sister's Barney doll as a fapkin to clean up his spizzy spunk.
by AltronHGX August 10, 2003
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a napkin, tissue or any type of soft paper used to ejaculate in
"Man I got fapkins all over my floor, cause I havent had sex all week"
by Misanthrope1920 November 17, 2009
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A guy cums on a napkin then a girl eats the napkin
guy: here enjoy your happy meal with a fapkin

girl: delicious I like those
by Silli Jew June 26, 2017
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The napkins you get with a bag of fast food. It's wasteful to throw the excess napkins away, so they are best put to use by catching underwear yogurt.
I got some Taco Bell last night and they gave me like 10 napkins. I only used one, so I thought "hey, I can use these other 9 to clean up jizz!" The fapkins proved useful, as I ran out of kleenex.
by Bruk August 04, 2008
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A tissue/napkin that you cum in. Usually left laying on the floor of your bomb devastated room.
Adam: *blows nose with tissue he finds on the desk* GOD DAMN MAL! WAS THIS A FAPKIN!?

Mal: Heh..
by ikarumail May 29, 2009
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