Something that is served at McDonalds you sick, twisted people!!
I ordered a happy meal for lunch cause i wanted the crappy little toy thats comes with it.
by MicJaiy May 20, 2005
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Whilst receiving deep-throat fellatio from a woman, one may stuff one's ballsack into the woman's mouth at the same time, the sheer volume of which causes her lips and cheeks to stretch wide open as though she's making a big happy smile.
Man, look at the mouf on that girl... I'll bet she'd take my happy meal with ease.
by al-stud December 26, 2009
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Recieving a handjob under the table in a fast food restaurant, while using ketchup as a lubricant. Mustard is also an acceptable variance.
We went to get a burger after the movie and she gave me a happy meal in the corner booth.
by Johnathon Smithly June 27, 2005
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This refers to receiving oral sex from a female. When a male fits his penis and testicles in a females mouth at the same time.
I tried to give that bitch a happy meal, but her fucking mouth was too small...fucking whore!
by slimslow September 8, 2006
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A barely legal good-looking mongoloid you consider dating out of desperation or for temporary pleasure.

syn. Kids meal
"That's Jeff's first girlfriend in three years. Get this. She's a senior in high school."
"Yeah, she looks like a total happy meal."
by VRB October 28, 2005
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when some n00b come at you with a plasma pistol and a battle rifle or a plasma pistol and a carbine and two shots you. that combo is used only by people who havent matured enough to realize that it's for n00bs! just like the happy meal from McDicks.
"ThePher is happy mealing again"
"Imagine that" *rolls eyes*
by Yojo June 30, 2005
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