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The tool in which the fapper, horney gentleman that he is, must collect, with indefatigable glee, the ultimate discharged substance of the fapping action, heretofore described as the big F.

When used properly, the said fapper is not required to constantly refill stock quantity of the Kleenex frequently, when the practical fapper can use one (or up to 3) different Fapkins to serve the same function.

A wise fapper indeed.
Ron ran out of Kleenex so he used his little sister's Barney doll as a fapkin to clean up his spizzy spunk.
by AltronHGX August 10, 2003
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The protagonist Mecha of the Zone of the Enders games for Playstation 2. Its name is derived from two plausable sources--Djehuty and Andjety of Egyptian Mythology.

Jehuty's purpose is to penetrate the Mars military fortress, Aumaan, and to destroy Aumaan from the inside by self-destructing Jehuty. This is a purpose that cannot be disarmed; it is programmed into the Nucleus of the system, codenamed ADA.

Jehuty features a teal and red complexion, in addition a light green flowline finish. He has two feather ornaments mounted on his head, an enormous blade on his right arm, and the artists crafted him in the likeness of a Bird.

Jehuty is constructed out of the mineral Metatron, which was discovered in 2055. Jehuty has a twin Orbital Frame, Anubis, which ultimately tries to bring about Jehuty's doom. Their fates collide in Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner with a tragic outcome.
Leo: "ADA.. please answer my question. You're going to Aumaan, aren't you?"
Dingo: "So what if I am?"
Leo: "Do you know ADA intends to self destruct Jehuty on Aumaan?"
by AltronHGX March 29, 2004
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A fantastic series that takes place in the future involving Mecha called Orbital Frames. It takes place in the years 2167 - 2174 which stem from, in this order, the OAV movie Zone of the Enders: Idolo, Zone of the Enders (PS2 game), the anime series, Zone of the Enders: Dolores,i, and lastly Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner (Another game for PS2).

Started in March 11th, 2001, the Zone of the Enders series was introduced by Konami and due to the success of it, it merited the distribution of an anime series and a sequel and even several Model figures.

One proper misconception is that the mechs have penises. This is not true. Below the abdomen, every mech in the series has a cockpit which partrudes away from the center. The cockpit also does not attack. This is a common misconception by ignorant Zoids fans and cannot be forgiven.
<taco_fox> Zone of the Enders rocks rocks, mang 8)
<Nephtis> so true bro. They made a sequel, you know
<taco_fox> sweet is it r2wl?
<Nephtis> ya, a lot better than that crappy Zoids game.
<taco_fox> heh who would compare ZOE to something like Zoids anyway?
<Nephtis> d:-\
by AltronHGX March 28, 2004
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The most powerful orbital frame. In addition, the archrival of Jehuty in the two Zone of the Enders games for Playstation 2. It is Jehuty's twin mech and is comprised of a Metatron build not unalike all other Orbital Frames. Artists of the game crafted him, obviously fromt he Egyptian god Anubis which resembles the likeness of a dog wielding a powerful spear.

His frame runner is Nohman, the leader of the BAHRAM military organization of Mars. The motive of Nohman is to use Anubis to bring to life the Aumaan project. His first appearance is at the very end of Zone of the Enders 1, and you are unable to defeat him--he teleports too fast for you to catch and he has an inpermeable shield. In Zone of the Enders 2, you look for a method to defeat him and make a final confrontation with a tragic outcome...
ADA: --
Dingo: What's the matter?!
ADA: It is a resonance reaction.
Dingo: Resonance?
ADA: It is Anubis.
by AltronHGX March 29, 2004
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It's all we have in mind! We cook the best, you better get in line! Now put it on the tray, is it for here, or to go?

Any which way it tastes good, you know!
<Nephtis> I totally got hooked up with my beard burger and noodles today, dawg
<taco_fox> >:(
<taco_fox> fuck your burgers
by AltronHGX March 29, 2004
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