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A second Snapchat account somebody owns to send nudes to sexual partners. A Fapchat is used in order to not accidentally send a nude to their 8 year-old-cousin Johnny. Much like a "finsta" this is followed by fewer people and only used in NSFW environments.
Brenda: Oh my god, I forgot to log into my Fapchat for 6 months and had 50 dick pics waiting for me!
Linda: Nice! Any good ones?
Brenda: Ugh, no...
by ba$icbitch October 17, 2017
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An app that lets you send photos of yourself for friends to fap to for a limited time, then they are deleted.
"Hey, this hot girl sent me a picture of her boobs the other day"
"Sweet, let me see?"
"Sorry, it was a fapchat"
by GushingGrannies September 03, 2013
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similar to a finsta, but basically on snapchat
person: did you see what she posted on her finsta and fapchat?

other person: yeah, she was more agressive about her fake best friend on her fapchat.
by ayare May 26, 2018
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