A blond headed male with bright blue eyes and a perfect smile. He must be really stupid yet tall and skinny.
"hey Melissa did you see the bae today?!"
"Yes hes so beautiful oh my god!!!"
by Michael Angelo bae 617 larusso November 22, 2013
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BaeBae means gehtto childred, teens, or grown-ups
o0o0o amber u iz baebae
by Sana December 7, 2004
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A not bae is a person who is not your bae. Typically you are close with this person but not a dating couple or in a romantic relationship. Not bae's can have benefits like Friends with Benifits without drama. Not bae's are better than normal friends cause they come with perks.
He is my not bae.
by Covenant Nine June 25, 2015
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AAVE (African-American Vernacular English) pronunciation of "babe," used as a term of endearment toward loved ones. "Bae" can be a pronoun or an adjective. The term caught fire to mainstream colloquial Standard American English jargon and, due to unfamiliarity with its origins, developed multiple definitions. Trolls and people who dislike its use will often incorrectly juxtapose "bae" with Danish "bæ" which means "poop" (often to shut people up). Others will treat it as an acronym such as "before anyone else." The term is frowned upon by many, as it is seen as ghetto and uncouth, although its origins are simply dialectal.
"My husband is bae!"

"Whaddup, Bae?"

"He's my bae; he comes before anyone else!"

"Stop saying 'bae', it means 'poop!'"
by nomnom99 February 11, 2017
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like if someone says something wrong and u dont agree with them then you say bae bae.........or you can just say say it just to be sayin it
Bae Bae, you betta get the fuck away from me wit that shit....man you got me fucked up......
Bae Bae...it dont even go like dat, so wat the fuck you talkin bout ya heard me!!!!!
by adrell May 7, 2007
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Bae means is an acronym that stands for "before anyone else," or a shortened version of baby or babe, another word for sweetie, and, mostly unrelated, poop in Danish
Person 1 (messages): hey bae💗Ily

Person 2 (messages): you too bae💗
by cartiervert June 29, 2016
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The girl which you are spading in an attempt to make her your Bae.
Im just off to see the Bae to be
by shreader101 August 4, 2015
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