A strong Addiction usually with something that is not real and probably will never be.
Reality sucks. I much rather live in a fantasy.
by Thinkerz June 27, 2005
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Fantasy is the opposite of reality. Fantasy can be categorize in many ways. One way is by literature as a genre. Another is someone’s imagination and dreamscape. Fantasy can be used in multiple ways with various meaning.
It’s not real it’s a fantasy.

Fantasy is my favorite genre of books.
by Dreamer13_tragic November 26, 2017
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Something magical that wouldn't happen in the real world, it's also a book genre like Harry Potter books for example.
Example 1
Peter : Bob what book genre are you reading?
Bob: Oh, I'm just reading a fantasy book

Example 2
"It felt like a fantasy"
by ILikeCookiesLOL January 16, 2022
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1) Sexual fantasy where you get horny asf
2) Child fantasy where you think of mythical creatures
1) In class I was daydreaming about the teacher. He was in all my fantasies, hoping that one day we can have sex for hours

2) When I was a child, unicorns and dragons were always in my fantasy
by Å ČřÆż ĞəMįŅî March 10, 2018
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A dreamed-of-but-non-existent euphoric/Utopian status that certain people expect to achieve from drinking Fanta.
Fantasy is a serious-enough delusion to have, but if this unrealistic mindset is maintained for a long enough period, the condition can progress into full-blown Fantacy, whereupon a straitjacket will likely be required.
by QuacksO June 15, 2018
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1. Opposite of reality, used in literature.

2. Someone's dream way/place to have sex.
1. I prefer fantasy novels.

2. What's your fantasy?
by A Person who does Things February 6, 2012
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In literature and entertainment, a genre of fiction in which entirely different laws of physics and/or psychics operate, allowing people, creatures, and their surroundings to exhibit behavior not possible in reality.
Fantasy literature by J.R.R. Tolkien is quite popular right now.
by Downstrike May 22, 2004
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